In this series of 7 free webinars during the Corona Crisis, Kurt Menke and Hans van der Kwast demonstrate the 7 chapters of the book QGIS for Hydrological Applications – Recipes for Catchment Hydrology and Water Management.

QGISHydro Webinar 1: Georeferencing and digitizing vectors

QGISHydro Webinar 2: Import tables and spatial interpolation

QGISHydro Webinar 3: Spatial Analysis using Map Algebra

QGISHydro Webinar 4: Stream & Catchment Delineation

QGISHydro Webinar 5: Adding Open Data to Your Catchment

QGISHydro Webinar 6: Calculating Percentage of Land Cover per Subcatchment

QGISHydro Webinar 7: Map Design

Source: “GIS OpenCourseWare” by Hans van der Kwast (IHE Delft) is licensed under CC By-NC 2.0